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Lie Detection technology available today- now in the palm of your hand on all apple android  mobile phones.

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Uses in Global Law Enforcement


U.S. Patents


Journal Publications


and 19 case studies


Accurate results

in as little as 15 minutes*


Choose from one of EyeCanKnow's Standard Lie Detection Test templates or create a TruthQuest™ that's unique to you.

*The technology behind EyeCanKnow is 80-90+% accurate, whereas Polygraph is only 60-75% accurate and is cost and time prohibitive.

Modify a pre-built test template

Standard Lie Detection Tests

Pre-built templates adapted to your needs.


Modify one of EyeCanKnow's pre-built test templates that you can adapt to your needs with results in as little as 15 minutes.

After each test you have the option to select a Standard, Professional, or Premium test report (see below).



The ultimate in customization


Fully personalized & customized to each situation.


Up to 3 unique questions.

Chose your TruthQuest™ to uncover the truth in the most transparent way possible, with a full Premium test report included. Every TruthQuest™ is designed by our team of experts and personalized to you and your unique needs.



Affordable results

Once the test is completed, results are made available immediately in a secure dashboard.

Simply choose the Test Report that best fits your needs. 

TruthQuest™ Standard Professional Premium
Test Report Price
$ 299
Up to 3 unique questions; includes the Premium Test Report

$ 99
Per Test Report

$ 129
Per Test Report

$ 159
Per Test Report
Standard on all tests
Photo identified test taker
Peer-reviewed technology
Patented methodology & algorithms
Easy-to-read color coded outcomes of Truthful or Deceptive
Data quality score
Professional test reports include
Summary of examinee answers
Detailed question scores
Comparison question scores
Analysis of data quality
Outcome explanations
Access to pre-test instructions
Detailed explanation of the protocol and procedure
Included with Premium Test Reports
Certified PDF file of results for download
Answer to each question
Access to email support for questions about the test results
TruthQuest™ Features
Expertly designed questions unique to you
Add-on questions for ultimate transparency

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